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Mark is the founder, raw vegan, food guru, coach & nutritional specialist at Evelyn's Mark, a raw vegan retreat for the health conscious.
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The Premise

Raw + Vegan… what does it mean?

This is a rapidly growing choice for not only vegans but also non-vegans. The reason for choosing to eat only raw vegan food is not an ‘extreme’ choice as some might believe; it is based on scientific evidence that points towards it being the absolutely perfect diet for humans in every sense.


There are many articles written on various types of diets and on how they may benefit the body, and there may in fact be aspects of those diets that are harmonious with the human organism, but none that are quite as remarkable as a fully raw and vegan diet.


For some it seems an extreme measure to suddenly switch to vegan food only and to only have available to them raw fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds, but there is much to be said for not only what can be done with these simple ingredients, but also for what their capabilities are when ingested in this whole and raw form.

Raw Vegan Evelyns Mark
The Facts

Before we look at the benefits of the raw vegan diet, let’s first get more of an understanding of the facts surrounding our current way of eating:

  • Humans are the only species on Earth to heat food
  • Humans are the only species on Earth to tamper with and manipulate food
  • Humans are the only species to continue to drink milk after weaning
  • Humans are the only species to routinely drink the milk of another species
  • Humans are the only species to eat the ova (eggs) of another species; we do not eat the ova of our own species, ever
  • Humans are also, correspondingly, the sickest species on Earth

Since these facts are not in dispute, it is relatively simple to see how taking all of them into account, the modern day diet already does not fit in with how we are built as humans. We have the digestive systems to handle plants far more efficiently and the teeth and jaws that complement plants also. We have the hands for picking fruits and vegetables from trees and the earth, and we possess no instincts to hunt and kill and devour raw, any living sentient being, with our hands and mouths.

That being said, and moving on from the argument for veganism, the idea of being a raw vegan can be expounded upon:


Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds when heated (above a certain temperature) will begin to denature. This can and will render the nutrient profile of the foods, dead, harmful or at best neutral. All around we see people eating cooked vegetables with their meals and assuming they are fulfilling their quotient of required fresh fruit and vegetable produce for the day. This can never be so with cooking foods. There are some nutrients that will remain present even in cooked vegetables or fruit, but we know that heat damages molecular structure. It contorts it in ways that cause the body more difficulty to digest it, but the most important part of the reason for not cooking fruit and vegetables is because of the enzymes.

Enzymes denature above 42 degrees Celsius, and it is the enzymes in raw fruits and vegetables that are vital to our well-being and healthy existence. They provide a nutrient-dense flood to the body and they galvanise the immune system. Without living enzymes from raw food, ill-health is next to certain, and this is abundantly obvious in Western culture where we can see the damaging effects of fast food and of nutrient-devoid home-cooked meals that serve only as calorific sustenance.


With the inclusion of more raw fruits and vegetables into one’s diet a massive improvement in health can be realised, but in order to do it effectively a proper program should be followed.

What it's not...

All too often people join the vegan or raw vegan train and simply do not do well and revert to a non-vegan or cooked diet that has none of the benefits of a raw vegan lifestyle. In order to be successful living a raw vegan lifestyle, it is wise to read up and seek assistance for firstly knowledge and secondly, ideas for how to keep it interesting so that you can stay on that train to amazing health and vitality. Some people who try raw vegan or even vegan diets alone, complain of some sort of issue with it not going well for them, but upon scratching beneath the surface we are able to see that certain aspects of their diets were not fulfilled and alas the person did not feel great. This is due to a lack in the application of the principles NOT owing to the vegan diet conceptually.


A common occurrence is that when going raw vegan, people swap out their steak and potato for example (calorie, fat and carbohydrate-laden food) with a bowl of salad – thinking that this is what being raw vegan is all about. Though without the sustenance required for a meal for a human, the person will feel hungry, weak and tired, and if the occurrence is repeated, the person may become nutrient deficient and in turn, ill.

This is NOT what raw veganism, or veganism is about. It is not about replacing whatever meal with a bowl of salad. By no means. It is about consuming the requisite amount of food that is nutrient dense and with the correct amount of calories which supply the energy the body needs.


When done properly, it is not even comparable to the standard diet of Westernised cultures in terms of benefits to the body and the way it affects health and well-being, because it is a vastly superior way of eating for health.


Raw foods are without a doubt the way of the future for all of humankind. We are headed in that direction whether we choose to open our eyes to it or not at the moment.


We might as well get on that train now and enjoy the ride before trying to do battle with a dreadful affliction that demands all of our time and energy in order to correct.

Raw Vegan Evelyns Mark


For advice on how to switch to raw vegan, or even just for an introduction or information, sign up for one of our courses in the services section. We have a range of courses to suit, and depending on your needs you can find a placement on a course that you can benefit the most from.