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Mark is the founder, raw vegan, food guru, coach & nutritional specialist at Evelyn's Mark, a raw vegan retreat for the health conscious.
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Meet Evelyn’s Mark

Mark Kimchi is a researcher of food science in relation to diseases. He specialises in corrective diet for the gamut of ailments and is an educator in protocols for alternative practices that can be used in a complementary manner to other healing practices including conventional medicine.
He is a campaigner for the removal of genetically modified organisms from our food supply and is devoted to educating individuals and groups by raising the levels of awareness and knowledge on some of the flawed systems that comprise the medical and pharmaceutical establishments, so as to give back the power to the patients and aid them to make informed choices about the health care that is right for them.
Over the years, Mark has seen clients privately to adjust their lifestyles, eating habits and to support them through their respective journeys to effect major changes in their health, witnessing complete healing, even from what are considered some of the most feared diseases, including cancer.
He grew up in Golders Green, London but in 2013 decided that it was time to leave the big city life and retreat to the quieter more spiritual life that is the countryside. There, he lives with his dog Flax and enjoys the greater connection to nature and his work.
In early 2014 Mark co-founded a healthy-eating establishment by the name ‘Eliane’ in Berkshire together with long-time friend and business partner Rafia Willmott. The restaurant’s concept is ‘Choice’ and provides healthy options for everyone – including all allergy sufferers – along with disease-specific dietary requirements, based on Mark’s research.
Mark’s role within the group is to bring the raw vegan aspect to its ‘choices’ concept. He is responsible for training of the staff – in relation to food preparation. His raw vegan recipes feature on the menu exclusively at Eliane, and his health advice tips feature in 'Food To Make The Soul Smile' - the Eliane cookbook, where Evelyn's Mark has contributed to the vegan sections.
Mark is a director of the Eliane group of companies and he is a contributor of the health sections to the cookbook Food To Make the Soul Smile - Eliane's first official book.. He owns and runs Raw Respite - The Retreat, where he teaches the Evelyn's Mark Process.
Evelyn's Mark and Eliane opened an exclusive international retreat at their privately owned property Chateau De Montjoie in the Cévennes region in the south of France in 2016. Mark lives and has a practice on the border of Linslade in Bedfordshire.
Q & A with Evelyn's Mark
How did you get into this line of work?

I was seeking a solution to my mother’s terrible illness and because I didn’t feel I was receiving satisfactory answers from the team of doctors at the hospital. I realised that if I wanted to acquire some knowledge that was not considered ‘standard’ then I would have to dig a little deeper. Without realising initially, I had gained so much knowledge on the human body, diseases, and the mechanisms of action of drugs that were used to treat diseases; alongside that I was vigorously studying independent and peer-reviewed research into food and the science of how it affects diseased cells. I developed methods of my own for cross referencing analyses that enabled me to gain a shortcut, if you like, to the nuclei of information that I required for my more comprehensive research.

…so you realised you had a knack for research?

Yes, I guess you could say so. I always knew I had a good memory from childhood but with researching, one thing always leads to another and remains connected, so my memory for retaining considerable amounts of research appears to be improved! It’s not really, it’s just that in my head, it’s all like a chain, I only have to remember the first and last links in that chain and the rest comes to me automatically.

You see clients nowadays. How does this tie in with your research?

Seeing clients has always been part of what I do. I never stop wanting to learn though and researching is my passion. To me the two go hand in hand; the objective of the research is to learn and to share the knowledge in order to help those who need it. Doing research without sharing the findings would be a worthless objective.

Can you tell us, what is the difference between the advice that you give and the advice from that of a qualified dietician or nutritionist?

That’s a great question, I’m happy to answer!


Dieticians – who are the officially qualified people who advise you on your diet and whose qualification is the only one accepted by hospitals up and down the country – look to correct imbalances in your body by giving the body whatever it is said to be ‘missing’ by using any readily available form of what they need for the job.


For example, in the case of a patient who has lost his or her appetite, if it is deemed that protein or carbohydrates or fats are what is needed, the dietician will typically prescribe a steady course of meal-replacement drinks that are said to contain a complete spectrum of nutrients.


On paper, all that is missing from the patient’s body is being provided using a sugary milk-based drink, but the reality is, everything has been provided artificially, with substances that do not complement the human organism. The patient was lacking in protein and so was given protein powder in dried pasteurised milk form; was lacking in carbohydrate so was given dextrose (simple sugar); was lacking in fat…. and so on.


In short, dieticians will replenish that which is missing, with a synthetic version because it’s the simplest thing to do and it ticks boxes.


With respect to nutritionists, it has to be said they are a many times better than dieticians in terms of the direction from which they approach restoring balance, despite the irony that it is not the official recognised qualification in hospitals, although that perhaps is also to do with a dietician’s slightly deeper knowledge of how hospitals operate in relation to food.


A nutritionist will have been taught about maintaining all sorts of balances within the body and to also recommend supplementation where there is lack of certain nutrients.


What I do places focus on understanding primarily that humans have not existed historically by taking any medication or supplement:  in fact there is not one study that shows that the taking of any drug whatsoever has contributed to the betterment of our species. And the truth is there are plenty of studies that prove the polar opposite. My research has led me down the same path each and every time, which is that where man tampers with nature… that is where we get health problems. Whenever we leave nature to do its thing, we reap all the benefits and restore our health.


I seek to advise people on how to change their habits so that they can provide their bodies with what they require to heal. I don’t believe in supplementation unless there has been categorical evidence that I can verify and cross reference any number of ways to prove its efficacy. I use raw foods and advise on food preparation and combining methods and create bespoke remedies and programs for clients, but I also use state of the art bio-resonance feedback and high (RF) frequency equipment to treat problems and look in vastly superior detail at the client’s problem areas within the body.


Does that mean you only eat raw foods yourself?

Yes that’s correct, I am a raw vegan, eating only plant-based foods that nourish the body because they are alive! Raw foods are alive, and once cooked are rendered devoid of all of their living enzymes which are the key to our well-being.

We heard that your dog Flax is a vegan as well, is this true?

It sure is! And he couldn’t be happier! He’s been a vegan since birth and he’s healthy and carries a very light-hearted jolly mood all of the time. Most pet owners are unaware that dogs and cats can actually be vegan and thrive. The truth is that all the oldest living dogs on record have all been vegans! Don’t take my word for it, look it up in the Guinness Book of Records, Bramble died age 27 – VEGAN! If you look at the animal kingdom you can see that all the protein-eating animals are the ones with the shortest lifespans, it’s all the vegans who live longer. Protein-eating animals are more prone to aggression also, which is never desirable in a pet.

What was the background to coming up with the concept 'Nature is the Answer'?

In all of my research, no matter what I investigated, one absolute kept presenting itself; the common denominator of how nature has provided us with all of the answers we need for our supreme well-being. When I looked into pharmaceutical drugs I always seemed to discover that the active ingredient was derived from nature and that the actual substance found in its original form in nature was actually even more potent and worked synergistically with many other components found in the plant, to provide the body with more of what it needs and precipitate faster healing. So that’s how I ended up with the brand that is now recognised as promoting the ‘Nature is the Answer’ concept. Every question that you could possibly have relating to humankind’s survival, and in fact the entire animal kingdom and all of plant life’s too, lies in nature, we only have to take the time to look and to see what has been provided for us.

What would you say to anyone who is considering treating his or her disease naturally?

Be ready to apply yourself, and bring a ‘do anything it takes’ attitude. The mindset of doing it naturally is very different from the one we are habituated to in society today whereby we go to the doctor to be given something to take easily to remove the symptom. Healing naturally comes by conditioning the body, and that takes effort on the part of the patient. If someone wants to heal but is not ready to make an effort to do so then it would be a difficult thing to achieve naturally. So I’d say, be ready to change and be ready to reap the benefits! They are joyful!

Mark's Story

Mark Kimchi fell into this line of work after learning that his mother Evelyn was diagnosed with a ‘terminal’ brain tumour. He immediately became a full-time carer to her and did not leave her side as she was subjected to the traditional treatments currently being employed by the conventional system.


Mark and his family were advised that the type of tumour that Evelyn had was the most aggressive form of cancer on record – a Stage IV Glioblastoma – and that there was no cure for it whatsoever; that this particular tumour does not regress ever, and that with the conventional treatments of chemo and radiotherapy the best one can hope for is to slow down the growth of the tumour but that Evelyn’s life was expected to end within a few short months.


Throughout the ordeal Mark’s instincts were to do anything it took and to see what he and his siblings could do at home in terms of food intake and lifestyle changes to assist their mother’s chances of survival.  Much to his dismay, the hospital staff including the consultant oncologist would not even entertain so much as a conversation about it, casting it off as ‘unproven’ and that it was ‘all nonsense’.


Despite his protestations that the doctors were not taking diet seriously enough, Mark began to read more on the subject and soon discovered that there were in fact many things that could be done to help with his mother’s healing and that there was actually proper evidence from top medical doctors and scientists all around the world who had reached the pinnacle of their field before realising that there was a missing piece of the puzzle and then turned to nutrition to understand how to correct a health disorder.


Having studied copious numbers of articles, medical journals, dissertations and books profusely and having consulted with experts in hospitals, holistic practices and centres of excellence all around the world, and after his mother’s appetite finally beginning to return after the suffering caused by the chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he began her on a full overhaul of the diet and food she was used to eating.


In the meantime, the results came back from the latest MRI. The chemotherapy and radiotherapy did not slow down the growth of the tumour. In fact it had only increased in size.

As a family, they collectively decided that there was only one hope left which was to push ahead full throttle with the changes to the diet and carefully constructed program that Mark had mapped out. Within a few days there began to be a visible change in Evelyn’s eyes, he reported.


“She still wasn’t able to speak properly and she was still confused and in pain, but she was able to get out of bed and walk around, she had a glow in her eyes that none of us had seen for months as she was virtually comatose.”


Each day built on the previous one and after 2 months it was time for another MRI. The results came in and it showed no growth! The doctors and multidisciplinary team at the hospital interpreted this as though the tumour was about to “grow exponentially” since there seemed to be increased blood flow to the outside of the tumour (it glowed on the MRI). Mark believed this to be because healing was now taking place because of the massive changes to diet they were employing.


Three more months passed and the results of the next MRI showed a shocking regression to the tumour. When asked to put a percentage on it the doctor was compelled to label it as “more than 50%”. By that time it was now obvious that it was entirely down to the lifestyle changes since the hospital’s treatment only hastened a progression of the disease, which was on record.

Mark and Evelyn went full steam ahead with the program Mark had created and even improved it as time went on and as he furthered his research. Six months later it was time for another MRI and the result was unequivocally irrefutable. The tumour had gone. And there were no worthy answers from the doctors for what had just happened. It was a lot of hard work that had at last paid off.


As Evelyn began to get her life back, things were wonderfully hopeful for about a year, when Evelyn suddenly suffered a serious stroke and died. This was by far the most heart-breaking thing that could possibly have happened especially after everything that Mark and Evelyn and their family went through together.


Unrelenting as Mark was he sought to investigate why his dear mother suffered a stroke after returning to a better state of health than she had ever been. A deeper investigation soon after revealed that the stroke Evelyn bore was a side effect of radiotherapy to the brain, and since Evelyn had the maximum course of radiation allowed it became obvious just how this tragedy occurred.


Mark and his siblings were utterly destroyed by the loss of their mother at the hands of a treatment that served no purpose other than to cause pain and suffering to their mother from the outset, right the way through, and all the way to the bitter end.


This sparked Mark’s desire to want to research and to pass on all knowledge gained to those who seek to find out the same.


He set up Nature is the Answer, an information and consultation service to help provide those who are sick, with the knowledge they desire to help bring them back to full health sharing all that he learned on his quest to heal his mother.

As demand for Mark’s services increased, he carefully put together a concept for inducting people who were interested into new habits for better health, and the Evelyn’s Mark Process was born.

Mark & Evelyn
MRI scan 4 weeks after completing chemotherapy & radiotherapy unsuccessfully. Tumour had grown measurably.
MRI scan 12 weeks after completion of traditional therapy. Tumour showing no change in size. Evelyn had a corrected diet for 8 weeks at this point.
MRI scan 5 months after following a tailored specific program of dietary changes and a detailed anti-cancer protocol.
MRI scan 6monhts after the 50% regression scan of August 2010. The cancer has visibly disappeared and only a mild amount of residual swelling remains that was due to dissipate.
What happened next...

Since Mark  began to see clients his practice has evolved into looking in great detail at patients’ constitutions – using state of the art equipment – and assessing what looming problems are potentiating themselves, and creating bespoke programs for clients accordingly. He provides one-on-one consultations, runs workshops and courses and is a practitioner of High (RF) Frequency, using a Plasma Generator.


Since 2010 Mark Kimchi has helped hundreds of clients by informing them fully of their options, Supporting, Educating and Loving them, an ethos he applies to everyone he sees for consultations and treatments.


Mark currently will see clients who are serious about approaching their own healthcare from a natural perspective that is in harmony with Nature.

Medical Disclaimer

Evelyn’s Mark, Nature is the Answer & Raw Respite and its staff offer no cures. UK law precludes anyone not fully qualified as a doctor from diagnosing, treating or curing any disease, ailment or complaint of ill-health.


We do not offer anything other than to share information that has been researched by various doctors and practitioners from around the world. We do not impose any ideas on anyone, but merely present information, of which people are free to elect what they do with it.


Evelyn’s Mark, Nature is the Answer & Raw Respite aim only to inform and to educate clients. Any information given should not in any way be used as a substitute for the advice of a physician or other licensed health care practitioner.


The educational programmes suggested at Evelyn’s Mark, Nature is the Answer & Raw Respite do not claim to diagnose, treat, prescribe, overcome or cure any disease or ailment.


Those clients with severe chronic illness must seek advice from a GP or other qualified health professional.


It is beyond the scope of Evelyn’s Mark, Nature is the Answer & Raw Respite to provide care or advice for any specific illness, symptom, or condition.