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Mark is the founder, raw vegan, food guru, coach & nutritional specialist at Evelyn's Mark, a raw vegan retreat for the health conscious.
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The Natural Approach

The Natural Approach is universally more referred to these days as ‘Alternative’, but the truth is that alternative medicine was around long before allopathic medicine even surfaced. Looking for the ways in nature to stimulate healing in our bodies was the mainstay of all healthcare before the turn of the last century. Practitioners were simply known as empirical doctors!

Owing to the way in which society today teaches us about medicine and our huge exposure to what is the conventional system of healthcare, the natural way of approaching well-being and treating illness is often not considered as an option, or that it is not potent enough. The rationale being that: ‘if it were potent enough, wouldn’t the medical establishment already be using it?’


YES! They would!… if there were a material gain attached to it of course! The problem for the pharmaceutical industry to test, prove and then treat with natural substances is that not one of them can be made to profit from since any item found in nature cannot under law be patented. This of course means there is no drive to prove the efficacy of any compound provided to us by Mother Nature. No pharmaceutical company would willingly spend millions of their dollars to conduct a test on a seed, or a leaf, or a piece of fruit to discover that the properties of that which is being tested can ruin their business.

It is actually in the pharmaceutical industry's main interest to actively divert all attention from anything deemed as natural that proves any degree of efficacy so that it does not gain any traction with the public.

In alternative medicine, the human body is treated well and afforded the respect it deserves. Utilising the body’s own methods for repairing itself, assistance is given to help bring the immune system back up to optimal condition; it is at that point that the immune system then becomes immune! The reason so many of us are ill is because our bodies’ own defences are just not up to the task of healing us all by themselves because they have been systemically weakened over long periods of time (sometimes decades) by some of the foods we eat and the exposures we have had to pollutants, contaminants, stresses and bad lifestyle habits that damage us.


There are many natural treatments to choose from, and depending on the type of complaint, a patient can select a method that he or she is happy and comfortable with. More often than not in alternative medicine, many techniques and protocols can be carried out simultaneously, but one should always seek the correct advice from a professional to know just which ones can be combined for maximum efficacy and to rule out any contraindications.


Naturally approaching a health issue can be a valuable learning experience also. People opting to use the wonders of nature to heal themselves find that they take away veritable knowledge that can be used again and again to help others and to prevent future problems. Broadly speaking, once people begin using alternative treatments they generally retain large amounts that create lasting and positive changes for them and their families.

By looking at the human body as a single organism and understanding how all our organs are interconnected, a much better view can be achieved of what is truly ailing the patient.