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Mark is the founder, raw vegan, food guru, coach & nutritional specialist at Evelyn's Mark, a raw vegan retreat for the health conscious.
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The Meaning of Holistic

Treating the cause is something that happens organically when applying a holistic methodology. The holistic approach is one that takes into consideration the patient ‘as a whole’ and does not just single out the ailment that is the focus.


Conventional medicine tends to direct most of its energy to alleviating the symptom that arises and to leave the deeper issue until later when a worse symptom may develop. For example, being prescribed a simple painkiller for any given pain. Pain is an alarm system of the body; it is a necessary function of the immune system to alert us to the problem so that we may assist the body with what it needs. When we take a painkilling agent such as paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen we switch off the immune system’s ability to alert us to the help that it needs to expedite the healing that is needed.


By virtue of considering the patient as whole, one automatically begins to steer towards the cause, for one cannot eradicate an issue if there is an underlying problem that goes unaddressed. Without dealing with the root causes of disease the problem shall sadly only return again and again.


Analogous to this would be performing liposuction on an obese individual or changing the diet to bring about the desired change. One method masks the problem and the other rectifies it. Performing liposuction or fitting a gastric band may take pounds off the person in the short term but unless the person alters his or her eating habits, the same unhealthy person remains and ultimately the fat shall return.


The human body is a highly complex and fully interconnected organism wherein all systems are synergistically working in unison for the best interest of the body as a whole. Most ancient practices inherently understand this pivotal principle and, as such, the treatments that end up being prescribed treat not just the problem but simultaneously harmonise the systems connected to the problem.