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Mark is the founder, raw vegan, food guru, coach & nutritional specialist at Evelyn's Mark, a raw vegan retreat for the health conscious.
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The Process

In 2009 an incredible woman by the name of Evelyn became terminally ill with an aggressive stage IV cancerous tumour in the brain. Her struggle to overcome the illness and to disprove all that was predicted for her and of the disease ended finally when her last MRI came through showing that the tumour had vanished completely.


With the help of her youngest son, Mark as her primary carer from the moment of discovery of the disease, Evelyn embarked on a monumental journey of healing, from listening to and following all of the doctors’ advice initially, right through to ultimately rejecting it at every turn and pursuing an alternative regimen that served her much better:

Mark put together a very specific programme of dietary and other changes and sought to combat the cancer by looking at how best to approach it from every angle not just one – meaning Conventional Medicine. In researching and applying and using himself as a test subject for many of his theories initially, he gradually developed methods for research and procedures of his own that were distinctly making a major difference in his mother’s health and life.


He noticed that lesser problems such as high cholesterol and arthritis disappeared from his mother’s health profile altogether. Weak bones and brain fog also seemed to disappear.


The map Mark then built up of how the body’s systems were all interconnected not just with each other but also with the foods and chemicals and processes we consume and undergo each day, became considerable. He continually tested and analysed his theories and believed them to be solid in their respective efficacies.

In March of 2011, Evelyn was given an all-clear result with no sign of cancer. The community in which she lived was animated with excitement and joy for Evelyn and all of her family.


Since receiving the all-clear scan of his mother Evelyn in 2011, Mark has been assisting hundreds of clients address root-cause issues and major illnesses through individual consultations and structured programmes that are suited to the clients. It is never a totally easy process, but clients who have sought to aid their own health concerns by using alternative methods, who have found Mark by word of mouth, have been able to benefit greatly from his vast knowledge and caring nature.


The impression made by Evelyn’s plight to overcome a terminal illness, on the hundreds of people Mark has since helped, has been staggering. Indeed by virtue of Evelyn becoming ill in the very first place, a great number of people have been able to be positively healed through the catalyst of Mark’s work.

The Process
The term 'Evelyn's Mark' is representative of the vestige and lasting impression made by Evelyn’s prodigious efforts to survive terminal cancer and to indirectly cause her son's life-purpose to become very clearly defined.
'Mark' also will always be the son of his beloved Mother Evelyn - so he therefore is himself, Evelyn’s Mark.
Evelyn’s Mark has constructed a comprehensively formulated 5 day transformational retreat programme that is effectively a distillation of years of his research, knowledge and applications into alternative medicine. It is designed to catapult the participant into a new and healthier way of living by demonstrating and immersing the participant in all the new habits that are needed to bring about the changes being sought.

5-Day, 14-Day & 30-Day
Transformational Retreats


Mark wrote the course with a very clear motive.


His goal was to help clients who don’t feel confident with returning from a simple consultation and then beginning to try to overhaul their lifestyles all by themselves.

I wanted to create a special and unique programme that would in essence hold people’s hands through a process of transformation of current lifestyle. By helping people through the initial stages of education on food, their specific health concerns, setting up a healthier and more practical kitchen, preparing food and managing a new daily programme, it becomes several many times easier for anyone to return home and continue with the new changes without any trouble. Oftentimes, people have the best of intentions to begin a new regimen for themselves, but not too long after they begin, and owing to a lack of ideas or not creating a suitable setting at home, they can fall off the wagon, so to speak. The Evelyn’s Mark process was developed around precisely how to conquer that.

What we do in the process is train participants intensively with gradual momentum and a rhythm being built so that after completing a minimum of 5 days, a groove has been formed and the participants can then effectively hit the ground running when left to their own devices in their home environment.”

The Evelyn’s Mark Process is a residential package held at stunning and luxurious privately owned locations around Europe.


Each Process comprises a full consultation with Mark at the start of the week, where he will run some detailed bio-resonance feedback diagnostics, that will reveal intricacies that are little picked up on with standard blood tests. This is in order to form a larger picture of your state of health and of any potential problems that can easily be rectified with some basic changes at an early stage.


A bespoke programme to combat parasites and other harmful pathogens that are at the root of so many afflictions will be put together for you, and daily treatments using a High (RF) Frequency Plasma Generator are included in the course.


Additional treatments are selected by Evelyn’s Mark according to what is needed for your issues and highly experienced practitioners in, Massage, Reflexology, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Reiki and more are brought in specifically for your Process.


The Evelyn’s Mark Process is a highly structured course that comprises daily educational sessions which form the cornerstone of your individual Process. The sessions will teach you all the core aspects of what you will need to be able to continue with your new regimen once you return home and maintain the results with ease and comfort.


A few examples of some topics covered are:

  • setting up a raw food kitchen
  • food science
  • herbs
  • alternative medicine
  • parasites
  • cleanses
  • major diseases
  • chemicals
  • living foods
  • disease-specific protocols

It is a full-board experience whilst immersed in the intensive 5, 14 or 30 day process, and in fact all educational sessions are sandwiched between mealtimes, wherein raw food workshops will take place. As a participant you will not only be catered for with delicious raw food meals three times per day, but you will also be preparing the dishes you choose, with expert help of Evelyn’s Mark at your side!


The workshops are run by Evelyn’s Mark himself and each day you will be surprised with what you learn and are able to create and achieve in a kitchen, using organic raw vegan ingredients only that nourish the body and do not harm it any way.

At various points during each day, you will be able to relax and have some personal time and make new friends from meeting other participants who will also be on their own journey. Morning meditations are part of the programme also and are very important. They are guided meditations so it is a great place to learn how to begin to meditate if you have never done it before.


The Process continues after graduating the initial residential stay here at Raw Respite with a plan for the return home and also follow up calls with Evelyn’s Mark to check on your progress.

by being shown how to prepare delicious raw and healthy meals for for the duration of the Process, participants become much more proficient and confident in being able to easily continue the new routine once they return home

I’m so proud of the Evelyn's Mark Process; it is everything I wish I had available to me when I was beginning to research, and so much more. It has been set up to be more of an experience that is so pleasant, informative and rewarding, while at the same time being beneficial to health, fun and providing practical skills to participants, that can be used at home - and passed on to others as a way to pay it forward also.

It’s just a lovely way of being able to help and it feels great to see the differences it makes to people’s lives whilst paying homage to my dear mother, Evelyn, who made all this possible.

This is such an exciting time for people to be enrolling in the Evelyn’s Mark Process. As more and more people are looking towards foods for health and would love to make changes but just don’t know how to quite yet, this course is fast gaining popularity and recognition in the raw food, vegan, and alternative medicine communities.


To book or for more information or to speak to Evelyn’s Mark regarding a place on his remarkable course, click here or download the relevant brochures below.

14 Day Road to Recovery
Download Brochure
Download Brochure
5 Day Immersion Retreat
View Information
View Information
30 Day Total Transformational Retreat
Download Brochure
Download Brochure

Other details about the Evelyn’s Mark Process

  • A maximum of 4 people at a time, this is to ensure that each participant gets the maximum amount of time available with Evelyn’s Mark on an individual basis during the 5-day stay at Raw Respite.
  • Courses do not run every week. Please check the schedule of dates available and try to book in advance as places will fill up very quickly owing to the small number of spaces available.
  • Places on the 5-Day Immersion Retreat are on a shared room basis with one other participant. This is quite deliberate and is part of the experience. It is possible to request a separate room by paying a single person’s supplement, but this is not ideally recommended as single rooms are not connected to the main building and remove participants from the group aspect that is an important part of the experience.
  • A pre-course questionnaire must be completed and returned to us a minimum of one week prior to arrival, together with the food allergy & preferences form and mandatory release, which all participants must sign before commencement. These allow us to prepare for your arrival and be ready for you personally the best way we can.
  • If enrolling in the Process with a friend, a shared room can be organised if preferred.
  • The 30 Day Process will be entirely exclusive living quarters with own kitchen, bathroom and king bedroom.


Transformational Weight Loss Retreats

I signed up for the Evelyn's Mark Process due to some long term health issues. I had been on prescription medication (pain relief, patches, steroid injections, valium and antidepressants) for over ten years for chronic pain due to a degenerative spinal condition, along with the associated mental health issues that came with the pain.

I used a wheelchair for 3 years due to my degenerative condition which made me isolated and depressed and I began comfort-eating to help me. I topped the scales at just under 125kg (280lbs) - an all time low.

From the moment I booked onto the Evelyn's Mark Process I had terrible anxiety and panic attacks as my journey to the retreat involved me flying from my home in Southern France to the UK.

Mark kept in touch with me on my journey and even went the extra mile to meet me at the airport. I immediately felt relieved and knew that I was in the right hands, in the right place, at the time I needed it most.

There are no words that can describe Mark's attention to detail. His expertise throughout the retreat was incredible. I could feel he cares through his passion and dedication for his work. The retreat site itself is remarkable. The sauna and other additional treatments made me feel like I was being wrapped in cotton wool with added bubble wrap. I felt at peace, content and my stress just melted away.

To date, since successful completion of the retreat process, I am down to 66kg (145lbs - a total of 135 lbs lost), my mental health team discharged me, I no longer needed my wheelchair and I came off all medications. The Evelyn's Mark Process has truly been life-changing for me in every way.

10 Day Weight Loss Intensive
Weight Loss Brochure
Weight Loss Brochure
21 Day Super Weight Loss Pathway
Weight Loss Brochure
Weight Loss Brochure
Medical Disclaimer

Evelyn’s Mark, Nature is the Answer & Raw Respite and its staff offer no cures. UK law precludes anyone not fully qualified as a doctor from diagnosing, treating or curing any disease, ailment or complaint of ill-health.


We do not offer anything other than to share information that has been researched by various doctors and practitioners from around the world. We do not impose any ideas on anyone, but merely present information, of which people are free to elect what they do with it.


Evelyn’s Mark, Nature is the Answer & Raw Respite aim only to inform and to educate clients. Any information given should not in any way be used as a substitute for the advice of a physician or other licensed health care practitioner.


The educational programmes suggested at Nature is the Answer & Raw Respite and by Evelyn’s Mark do not claim to diagnose, treat, prescribe, overcome or cure any disease or ailment.


Those clients with severe chronic illness must seek advice from a GP or other qualified health professional.


It is beyond the scope of Evelyn’s Mark, Nature is the Answer and Raw Respite to provide care or advice for any specific illness, symptom, or condition.