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High Radio Frequency Plasma Generator

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife



Dr. Rife’s work culminated with The Smithsonian Institution publishing the following quote in their 1944 annual report.


“Disease organisms such those of tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, typhoid and others may be observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies peculiar to each individual organism, and directed upon them by rays conveying a wide range of waves.”



Overview of High Radio Frequency (RF) Generators



Using the plasma method a High RF generator instrument system consists of three main components:


  1. a high RF 20 MHz sweep/function generator
  2. an RF oscillator amplifier which broadcasts multiple frequencies and sidebands via
  3. an RF oscillator amplifier which broadcasts multiple frequencies and sidebands via
    a plasma ray tube antenna. The tube emits a continuous frequency or wave in the air, much like a small radio tower.


Well-known microbiologist Dr. Royal Rife designed and built his machines in the 1930s for the purpose of killing microbes (inside and outside of body’s cells) by exposing them to their inherent resonance frequency. Rife spent years researching and documenting his findings in particular, recording the very specific frequencies at which certain microbes could be destroyed.


The high RF frequency generator systems today output the frequencies using the same method used in the original “Rife Machines” of the 1930s, which were designed by Rife. The difference today is that these devices use modern, high-tech circuits.


The device is so gentle that the person using one of them barely knows the device is turned on!


Warning: Almost all of the frequency generators on the market today which are called “Rife Machines” output only low audio frequencies. They cannot output the high RF frequencies which Dr. Rife used.

More Info...

Dr. Rife was a microbiologist who knew that cancer was caused by very unique viral microbes which were inside of cancer cells. He called them BX and BY cancer viruses. It is also now known that the Helicobacter Pylori (yes, the same H. Pylori which lives in the stomach) can be another cancer-causing microaerophilic bacterium.


Researchers now know that the original Rife Machines had two frequencies. One frequency was to kill the virus and the other frequency was a carrier frequency to “carry” the first frequency through the cell membrane to the inside of the cancer cells, where the cancer-causing microbes were located.


When Dr. Rife was able to kill the virus and/or bacteria which were inside of a cancer cell, the cancer cell was able to restore its metabolism and become a normal cell (i.e. “revert” into a normal cell).


While there are many so called ‘Rife Machines’ for sale on the Internet, none of them even remotely comes close to meeting the actual specifications of the original ‘Rife Machines’ of the 1930s. This is because they use only low audio frequencies, without the correct “carrier frequency”, which produced Rife’s high RF frequencies.


We only recommend frequency generating equipment that can produce the high RF frequencies like the original 1930s equipment that Rife used.


The plasma-type high frequency generator is a more powerful device and is at the core of two of the most potent of the “Original Rife Protocols”.


The generator we use and recommend is by far the more powerful device available. It is the frequency generator with a 207-watt (peak) amplifier which uses a plasma gas ray tube for broadcasting the specific frequencies (including sidebands) which is called a plasma tube amplifier.

Dr. Rife, a remarkable San Diego, California scientist who, back in the 1930s, invented a very powerful optical microscope in order to be able to see living bacteria, viruses and fungi (pathogens) that he suspected to be causing a range of illnesses.


He found that he could see the individual pathogens better by illuminating them with a light frequency that matched their own resonant frequency, causing them to glow. When he intensified the frequencies, he observed the pathogens either bursting or going inanimate.


This invention led to the development of a remarkable way of selectively destroying these bacteria and viruses by subjecting them to their own resonant frequency in a similar way to how a crystal glass is shattered when a singer hits the right musical note.


What happened to this great discovery? According to Barry Lynes in his book: The Cancer Cure That Worked, it was suppressed by the FDA and by specific individuals at the AMA in the United States at the time.


The ICRF makes no medical claims of a cure of any disease in this research protocol, but does consider it to be a major contributing component to the treatment of several diseases, including cancer.


Microorganisms (pathogens and microbes), including viruses, bacteria and fungi each have a specific vibration or signature to which they can be exposed, resulting in their ultimate death or deactivation.

How it actually works:

The protocol utilises a uniquely designed, wide-range 20 MHz frequency generator to deliver these specific resonant frequencies (the mortal oscillatory rate or MOR) to the body (human or animal).


When an unwanted microorganism is exposed to its MOR, it oscillates to the point of being damaged or killed. Again, the best image to describe this resonating effect is that it is similar to how an opera singer can shatter a wine glass with the right pitched note carried by audio waves.


Specific audio frequencies (sound) when matched exactly with the resonance of specific matter (object) can cause a disruption in that matter.


It is understood that the microbes inside the cancer cells cause a cancer cell to remain cancerous. By killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells (as verified by numerous cancer researchers over the past 70 years). This success can be attributed to the carrier frequency and is why the original Rife Machine had a carrier frequency.


Since Rife’s initial work, there have been many scientists and doctors who have devoted their careers to researching further the work that he began, and they have since contributed their findings in public forums so that the knowledge can be shared universally.


Using all the data available from all of these scientists, professors and doctors who have contributed their findings to the public arena, we now have uploaded to our High RF Plasma Generator the complete works of these foremost authorities on the subjects of pathogens, with their full lists of frequencies that devitalise and destroy the harmful pathogens that are at the core of diseases.


A healing program that incorporates use of a plasma generator is extremely beneficial to speeding up recovery from various afflictions. The number of sessions set forth for each individual program varies dependent on the illness itself and the condition of the client together with what other additions to a treatment plan the client is pursuing.