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Mark is the founder, raw vegan, food guru, coach & nutritional specialist at Evelyn's Mark, a raw vegan retreat for the health conscious.
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Big Pharma or Big Con?

The Pharmaceutical Industry and its affiliation with the Medical Establishment


We’ve heard the term of Big Pharma and these days it is characteristically spoken with a tone of mistrust, and why is this?


Since we know that the pharmaceutical industry is incalculably lucrative, we can safely derive from this that the corporations that make up Big Pharma have a vested interested in our collective ill-health. The more of us who are sick, the more money they stand to make.


So then, the opposite-end of that very concept would also have to be true; the more of us who are healthy and who no longer need to see a doctor, the less money they in turn are able to make.

With this in mind, it becomes apparent that a company whose objective is to make money from treating sick people would naturally want more people to be sick, as those sick people then become customers and where there is custom there is the potential also for repeat custom.

The Paradox of the Objectives


It is widely accepted that the objective of the pharmaceutical industry is to research, develop and produce medications that heal patients of their illnesses. Indeed, this is what must be their declared objective in order for their industry to be enabled to succeed. However, the drug companies that make up the pharmaceutical industry are commercial businesses like all others; they seek to make profit and to ensure that those profits remain as high as possible and that there is growth in their market also.

If a drug company’s alleged objective is achieved, then the company contracts in size until it ultimately disbands from lack of custom. Therefore if we can be kept in a perpetual state of ill-health, we then become a loyal customer for life.

But isn’t it the medical establishment’s role to protect us from the negative aspects of Big Pharma?

This is perhaps one of the biggest mistaken beliefs of the current day that requires a look back into history to understand why this is not so.


Taken from the documentary The Forbidden Cures, here is some insight into what drives medicine as we know it and how the pharmaceutical industry has gained control over the medical establishment. It is essential viewing.

The full movie can be viewed in our Documentaries section.